Cloud Solutions


DS Total Solutions aligns with market-leading partners like Juniper, renowned for their cutting-edge Cloud infrastructure deployment, catering to the needs of major service providers and enterprises globally. At DS Total Solutions, our commitment to fostering and supporting future businesses is both a passion and a collective responsibility. As providers of premium services and products, we pledge to discover optimal solutions for our clients. Through our esteemed partners, we channel our efforts toward developing the most effective cloud solutions. Our objective is to deliver professional-grade solutions to our customers, drawing on over a decade of expertise in running, designing, and building enterprise-grade telecom networks and cloud platforms.

Our team and stakeholders concentrate on crafting tailored cloud solutions, including Public/Private cloud deployment, Cloud migration, and delivering Enterprise IT solutions to corporate and public sector clients.

Over A Decade of Expertise In Building Carrier Grade Cloud Platforms

Any business that once realizes its need to get a cloud based system is usually perplexed as they are usually clueless about the complex options vendors will pitch them. Moving to the Cloud can appear a scary proposition and it’s true, most applications perform well in the cloud which can not only slowdown the growth but also severely demotivate the individuals. At DS Total Solutions, we ensure this doesn’t happen.

Our major deliveries in cloud solutions include:

  • Cloud Planning and Strategy
  • Cloud Consultancy – Policy & Preparation
  • Public cloud – AWS, Google & Azure
  • Cloud Consultancy
  • Migration, Health Check & Updates
  • Hybrid Cloud – Integration with On-premise application & AWS Vmware

Why Choose Us?

Our distinctive approach to third-party network maintenance and third-party server maintenance ensures high-quality deliverance through a streamlined process with multiple options. Choose DS Total Solutions for reliable and customized solutions that meet your unique business requirements.