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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds offer a streamlined solution ideal for businesses and data centers, enhancing DS Total Solutions’ leadership in hybrid cloud services. Our system integrates on-premise and public clouds seamlessly, using VMware Cloud with tools like vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and vCenter Server. This setup allows for easy management across local and AWS Cloud environments, reducing costs by avoiding new hardware purchases, application rewrites, or major changes to existing systems. Our hybrid cloud approach combines private hosting with public cloud resources, providing cost-effective IT solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

More Than Ten Years of Proficiency In Constructing Cloud Platforms of Carrier-Grade Quality

Emphasizing our proficiency, DS Total Solutions boasts over a decade of experience in constructing carrier-grade cloud platforms. Recognizing the common conundrum faced by businesses contemplating a shift to the cloud, we stand as a beacon of clarity amidst the complex options presented by various vendors. The transition to the cloud may seem daunting, considering the potential slowdown of growth and its demotivating impact on individuals. However, at DS Total Solutions, we are steadfast in ensuring a smooth and empowering journey into the cloud.
Our robust portfolio of cloud solutions spans crucial domains:

Cloud Planning and Strategy

Crafting a roadmap tailored to your unique business goals.


Cloud Consultancy – Policy & Preparation

Providing expert guidance on policy formulation and preparation.


Public Cloud – Google & Azure

Leveraging the expansive services of major public cloud providers.


Cloud Consultancy – Migration, Health Check & Updates

Ensuring a seamless transition, regular health checks, and timely updates.


Hybrid Cloud – Integration with On-premise application

Bridging on-premise applications seamlessly in a hybrid cloud setup.

This comprehensive suite of services reflects our commitment to offering holistic cloud solutions that go beyond mere infrastructure provisioning. DS Total Solutions ensures that your cloud journey is marked by efficiency, compatibility, and the seamless portability of workloads your on-premises environments.

Why Choose Us

Our distinctive approach to third-party network maintenance and third-party server maintenance ensures high-quality deliverance through a streamlined process with multiple options. Choose DS Total Solutions for reliable and customized solutions that meet your unique business requirements.