Private Cloud


At DS Total Solutions, we passionately champion technological advancements that not only improve current work conditions but also propel progress. The adoption of private clouds emerges as an optimal strategy for efficiently organizing internal systems within diverse settings such as offices and campuses. Our highly dedicated team is consistently available to guide and support clients in the meticulous construction of their private cloud infrastructure, ensuring it aligns perfectly with their unique requirements.

Hosted by some of the industry’s foremost third-party data centers—including but not limited to Equinix, Telehouse, Volta, Vertus, and The Bunker—our private cloud solutions epitomize reliability and efficiency in equal measure.

These systems are strategically dispersed across multiple sites, meticulously designed with a robust 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) and incorporating cutting-edge Active/Active technology. In specific scenarios, we go above and beyond by deploying a third site, often situated in a former nuclear bunker, ensuring genuine Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities. Our commitment extends beyond avoiding complications; we proactively resolve them. The crux of our success in implementing expansive private cloud solutions lies in crafting systems that are not only scalable and manageable but also leveraging off-the-shelf vendor technology to simplify deployment and support.

A standard private cloud platform orchestrated by DS Total Solutions includes indispensable components such as:

  • MetroCluster Multi-Site with All SSD Storage
  • Deployable Compute Power
  • 100GB Core networking
  • Enterprise Virtualization, exemplified by VMware
  • Telecoms Grade Security and Management

What sets our private cloud solutions apart is their design as dedicated systems, providing clients the flexibility to opt for either an Operational Expenditure (Opex) or Capital Expenditure (Capex) model. This approach ensures that clients can reap the full spectrum of benefits associated with a public cloud without grappling with intricate costing complexities. The scalability of our private cloud solutions is not only straightforward but also highly manageable, offering clients unparalleled control over the backend architecture.

Why Choose Us?

Our distinctive approach to third-party network maintenance and third-party server maintenance ensures high-quality deliverance through a streamlined process with multiple options. Choose DS Total Solutions for reliable and customized solutions that meet your unique business requirements.