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We stand as a prominent provider of network and server solutions with comprehensive third-party maintenance support.

About Us

DS Total Solutions, a pioneering force in network and server supply with a distinct focus on third-party maintenance, boasts over 15 years of profound experience in navigating intricate network and server systems. Our offerings include Juniper solutions on the network front, and our expertise extends to providing tailored advice on switching, routing, security, wireless, and more.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver significant cost savings, especially for those considering a transition from Cisco to Juniper. Whether you are contemplating the replacement of Cisco with Juniper or exploring the use of refurbished equipment (Juniper or Cisco), our solutions are designed to optimize budgets. Beyond the hardware, our in-house support services are tailored to save you money compared to conventional vendor support, impacting both OPEX and CAPEX budgets positively.

DS Total Solutions stands by its commitment to customer-centric practices, offering not only hardware but also end-to-end maintenance services for seamless system operations. Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders, including Juniper Networks, Aruba (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company), Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Fortinet, Direct Module, DELL Technologies, and Palo Alto Networks, underscore our dedication to delivering cutting-edge IT products and services. Certified as HPE Certified Silver Partner, Aruba Certified Silver Partner, and Dell Certified Gold Partner, DS Total Solutions continues to be a trusted advisor in the dynamic IT landscape, providing flexible support services, customized cloud solutions, expert consultancy, and a diverse online store to meet all hardware needs.
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