Public Cloud


Whether it’s a data center, business, or campus, DS Total Solutions offers valuable solutions for all. Our meticulous approach involves thorough research to design comprehensive cloud strategies. We present public cloud solutions as a cost-effective option for our customers, ensuring it’s the right fit before finalizing the solution. We provide top-notch consultancy and support for major cloud providers, including,

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google.

The public cloud refers to computing services delivered via the public Internet by third-party providers, accessible to anyone who wishes to use or purchase them. Public clouds are economically viable and often available free of charge or sold on request, allowing consumers to pay only for the resources they consume, alleviating financial constraints for companies moving to the cloud.

Why Choose Us?

Our distinctive approach to third-party network maintenance and third-party server maintenance ensures high-quality deliverance through a streamlined process with multiple options. Choose DS Total Solutions for reliable and customized solutions that meet your unique business requirements.