cSRX Container Firewall

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Quick Specifications

Virtual CPU 2
Memory 4 GB
Firewall performance (max) 13.5 Gbps
IPS performance 2.6 Gbps
Maximum concurrent sessions 512,000



Versatile Security Hub

Experience the prowess of a comprehensive next-generation firewall condensed into the compact yet powerful cSRX. This security solution offers a rich array of features in a small and portable footprint.

Streamlined and Portable

The cSRX boasts a lightweight and portable design, with its software image size measuring just a few hundred megabytes. This ensures seamless portability across various cloud-native hosts, facilitating easy deployment and management.

Swift and Agile Container Security

Respond to security needs at container speed. The cSRX exhibits an impressive quick boot time, allowing it to instantiate in less than a minute once container resources are available. This swift response ensures that your workloads are secured promptly.

Next-Gen Firewall Vigilance

Empower your security posture with the cSRX’s next-generation firewall capabilities. Detect and mitigate threats through advanced features such as intrusion prevention system (IPS), application security (AppSecure), user ID and role-based access controls, and comprehensive content security.

Seamless SDN Integration

Integrate seamlessly into the realm of software-defined networking (SDN) with compatibility with the Juniper Contrail SDN management platform, OpenStack cloud computing platform, and other third-party SDN solutions.

Cloud-Native Security Prowess

Elevate your security strategy with cloud-native capabilities. The cSRX delivers microsegmentation, encryption, and robust security at Layers 4–7, especially when paired with Juniper Contrail Enterprise Multicloud.

Agile Containerized Security

Tailored for container environments, the cSRX Container Firewall stands out with its ability to spin up or down in less than a second. This agility aligns perfectly with the dynamic nature of container environments like Kubernetes.


Whether you opt for a physical, virtual, or containerized firewall, Juniper ensures comprehensive visibility from edge to cloud. The cSRX, specifically designed for containerized applications, enhances this visibility, allowing you to implement security policies that restrict access to specific applications. The intrusion prevention system (IPS) steps in to protect applications that might not be easily patched.

The cSRX excels in securing applications from east-west traffic, limiting traffic between container segments through Layer 4–7 security policies. This nuanced approach ensures a robust defense against lateral threats within containerized environments.


cSRX Container Firewall Specifications

Capacity and Performance1 cSRX
Virtual CPU 2
Memory 4 GB
Firewall throughput, large packet (1514 B) 12.3 Gbps
Firewall throughput, IMIX 3.2 Gbps
Application visibility and control2 5.8 Gbps
Intrusion prevention system (IPS)-recommended signatures2 2 Gbps
Connections per second (AppFW) 30,000
Maximum concurrent sessions 512,000


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