SRX 380 Services Gateways

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Quick Specifications

Firewall performance 10 Gbps (max)
IPS performance 2 Gbps
VPN performance 3.5 Gbps
Maximum concurrent 380,000 sessions
Ports 20(16 x 1GbE, 4 x 10GbE)



Secured SD-WAN Integration

This system harmonizes the command of WAN connections across diverse network interfaces while effectively overseeing and securing MPLS, broadband, and 4G LTE links.

Juniper Mist WAN Assurance

Streamlining operations, Juniper Mist WAN Assurance simplifies processes, offering a comprehensive view into end-user experiences through application-based context. Notably, it reduces WAN mean time to repair (MTTR), enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Cutting-Edge Threat Prevention

Fortify your network defense against the latest threats with Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention. Our robust suite of security capabilities dynamically adapts to network conditions, providing features such as malware sandboxing, threat intelligence feeds, and the innovative Encrypted Traffic Insights. This feature is adept at detecting malware concealed in SSL-encrypted traffic.

Next-Generation Firewall Security

Effectively identify and neutralize threats through software-enabled Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) features, including intrusion prevention system (IPS), application security (AppSecure), user ID, role-based access controls, and content security, incorporating network anti-virus, anti-spam, and advanced web filtering.

Versatile WAN and Wi-Fi Modules

Benefit from flexible, redundant WAN modules covering T1/E1, ADSL2/2+, VDSL2, and 3G/4G LTE options. Additionally, the Wi-Fi module introduces 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless LAN access, serving business users, guests, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Strategic Network Segmentation

Empower yourself to customize security and management policies based on zones, VLANs, and IPsec VPNs. Utilize virtual routers for creating internal, external, and DMZ subgroups, enhancing control and security.

On/Off-Box Automation Advantages

Leverage on/off-box capabilities for the automatic, remote configuration of network and security policies and settings on SRX devices. These automated features, combined with centralized network security management, simplify IT operations across geographically dispersed locations.

Effortless Deployment Practices

Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) streamlines initial deployments in branches, especially where IT resources may be limited or unavailable.


The SRX300 line of Services Gateways delivers next-generation security, networking, and SD-WAN capabilities to meet the evolving needs of cloud-enabled, AI-driven enterprise networks. Managed through the Juniper Mist cloud, the SRX300 line simplifies branch operations. Whether adding new applications across multiple locations, connecting to the cloud, or striving to enhance operational efficiency, the SRX380 can help with scalable, secure, and easy-to-manage connectivity.

The SRX380 supports next-generation firewall features, including intrusion prevention, application visibility and control, and content security attributes such as anti-virus, anti-spam, and enhanced web filtering. Advanced Threat Prevention provides comprehensive threat defense with dynamic malware detection, SecIntel threat feeds, Encrypted Traffic Insights, and Adaptive Threat Profiling.


vSRX Virtual Firewall Specifications

Junos OS Software version tested Junos OS 19.3R1
Firewall performance (max) SRX300: 1 Gbps
SRX320: 1 Gbps
SRX340: 3 Gbps
SRX345: 5 Gbps
SRX380: 10 Gbps
IPS performance SRX300: 200 Mbps
SRX320: 200 Mbps
SRX340: 400 Mbps
SRX345: 600 Mbps
SRX380: 2.0 Gbps
VPN performance SRX300: 300 Mbps
SRX320: 300 Mbps
SRX340: 600 Mbps
SRX345: 800 Mbps
SRX380: 3.5 Gbps
Maximum concurrent sessions SRX300: 64,000
SRX320: 64,000
SRX340: 256,000
SRX345: 375,000
SRX380: 380,000
New Sessions/second
(sustained, TCP, 3-way)
SRX300: 5000
SRX320: 5000
SRX340: 10,000
SRX345: 15,000
SRX380: 50,000
Maximum security policies SRX300: 1000
SRX320: 1000
SRX340: 2000
SRX345: 4000
SRX380: 4000
Maximum security intelligence
data feed entries in firewall rules
Total Onboard Ports SRX300: 8x1GbE
SRX320: 8x1GbE
SRX340: 16x1GbE
SRX345: 16x1GbE
SRX380: 20 (16x1GbE, 4x10GbE)
MACsec-capable Ports SRX300: 2x1GbE
SRX320: 2x1GbE
SRX340: 16x1GbE
SRX345: 16x1GbE
SRX380: 16x1GbE, 4x10GbE
PoE+ Ports SRX300: 0
SRX320: 6
SRX340: 0
SRX345: 0
SRX380: 16
Mini PIM Slots SRX300: 0
SRX320: 2
SRX340: 4
SRX345: 4
SRX380: 4


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