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Elevating Security, Enhancing Performance, and Ensuring Control!

Dedicated to providing a unified fabric, Fortinet stands as a forefront provider of cutting-edge security and secure access products, delivering assured security, streamlined management, and robust control. The FortiGate platform, acclaimed as an outstanding next-generation firewall, exemplifies heightened network security.

Why is it Imperative?

For enterprises and businesses deeply embedded in technology, data centers, and networks, data holds a value comparable to the most treasured assets in the world. In such a context, only those businesses with secure networks can confidently stride into the future. Hence, safeguarding networks becomes paramount. These businesses demand a secure network that not only efficiently detects potential threats but also prevents them promptly, ensuring swift response times.
Fortinet has earned its leadership position by spearheading the convergence of security and networking. In collaboration with esteemed partners like Fortinet, DS Total Solutions delivers and commits to the finest hardware infrastructure, cybersecurity products, and services, encompassing firewalls, anti-virus solutions, intrusion prevention, and endpoint security.
Fortinet’s Open Fabric Ecosystem stands out as one of the most expansive cybersecurity ecosystems in the industry. Fortinet’s solutions work seamlessly with Fabric-Ready technology alliance partners, collaborating with threat-sharing organizations and other Fabric integrations, ensuring a secure networking environment. This approach provides customers with integrated security solutions through the Security Fabric, enabling advanced end-to-end security across their digital infrastructure.

The Value We Provide

At DS Total Solutions, we take pride in our partnership with Fortinet, offering security solutions for networks, endpoints, applications, data centers, clouds, and access, all designed within a collaborative fabric that integrates them into a responsive and vigilant security system.
As proud partners of Fortinet, we deliver advanced security solutions. Recognized by Fortinet as experts and guides in consultations regarding their products, our team ensures customer satisfaction in implementing Fortinet solutions for their businesses. Our consultants assist customers in selecting the most suitable Fortinet product tailored to their specific business needs.