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Hefazat Insurance Plans

Mobile Theft Insurance

Insure your used smartphones against snatching/theft and screen damage

Purchase Protection

Insure your appliances and new smartphones against theft and accidental damage

Extended Warranty

Extend OEM warranty of your gadgets and appliances to enjoy extra repair and replacement coverage in case of damage or loss

Salary Continuation Plan

Avail a monthly payout in case of accidental death or disability at a one-time low cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can submit a claim within 7 working days from the date of theft.
We will update you on your claim status within 3 working days. If successful, you can expect your claim to be settled in 10 working days, provided all required documents are submitted.
These are non-cancellable micro insurance products.
Only PTA approved phones can be insured. Insurance coverage will be void if the phone is PTA Approved through a patched IMEI.
As phones are a depreciable asset, you will be reimbursed up to 80% of your phone's insured value.

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