Providing high-end equipment, end-to-end supply, thorough consultation and complete maintenance is our priority at DS Total Solutions. We offer multiple vendors to provide multiple options for our clients to pick and choose from. The quality and credibility of our top of the line vendors such as Juniper, Cisco, HP & Palo Alto speaks for itself.

Why Choose Us?

Our consultants have over 15 years’ experience with the highest-level accreditation in their specialist areas in Juniper, Cisco, Palo Alto and HP.

Our goal is not only to equip our clients with the best but save them from an economic blow while doing so. As a Select Partner for Juniper DS Total Solutions offers significant discounts on Juniper as compared to Cisco. Our aim is to nurture corporate growth and progress with our exclusive offers and one of the best vendors. Juniper, with its premium quality and competitively affordable pricing, is leading the market and has been rated highly with Gartner across switching, wireless and particularly routing and security. Through juniper, we have joined the mission of providing a useful and affordable alternative to the Cisco monopoly.

We realize affordability can be a real constraint on system upgrading; for this we provide a unique solution. We offer refurbished equipment to make sure nothing stops the IT growth of our valuable clients. The option of refurbished equipment is available for most of the vendors we work with i.e. Juniper, Cisco and also HP servers. This means a customer seeking.

Cisco refurbished switches or routers or firewalls will find everything under one roof. Refurbished equipment is a perfect solution for IT departments that desperately needs an upgrade but are facing financial constraints. Our refurbished equipment comes with cost savings of 50% – 80% and there is no compromise on the quality whatsoever. Our dedicated team makes sure the customers get the best equipment and experience. We not only refurbish in the traditional way but we re-spray, test, re-box, use fresh accessories, and add a one-year warranty to the equipment. We never compromise on the quality and the experience or our customer. The failure rate of our refurbished is only 0.5% and even that doesn’t yield a poor customer experience. We are able to support refurbished equipment and in any unfortunate event of a device failure, we ensure that it is covered and replaced and the customer is left satisfied and happy with the product as well as the service.

In terms of routing equipment we offer the revolutionary Juniper MX series that is leading the market currently. For Cisco routing we offer the 1900, 2900, 3900, 4500 and 6500 series.

On the security side we have the two market leaders of Juniper and Palo Alto with Juniper being more competitive when it comes to pricing. Along with other options we also offer Cisco, the final decision entirely depends of the client’s preferences. However, we like to clue-up our customers to help them make informed decisions.

For switching, Juniper and Cisco are on a par in terms of functionality and performance but again Juniper can be more flexible on pricing which is why most of our clients prefer Juniper.

On the wireless side we offer the latest AI driven system by Juniper called the Juniper MIST. It is a leader for wireless technology and is currently bagging great user feedback. Along with Juniper, we also offer the well-known Cisco range should a client demand for it.

Our servers are usually Proliant servers but also contain other parts such as hard disks, power supplies, fans etc. Shipment and supply is not all that we do. We advise on configuration and also build & test the systems prior to the shipment. Our thorough guidelines make is easy even for the IT interns to set up the systems.

For fiber optics, we offer third party optical transceivers which are standard-based, conform to the MSA and 100% compatible. They have the EEPROM coding and DOM where needed. They also come with Lifetime Advanced Warranty. The best part though is that our options will give you same or better quality and deliverance but in a fraction of the price compared to the vendor badged transceivers.