SRX 5800 Services Gateways

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Quick Specifications

Firewall performance 1 Tbps (max)
IPS performance 860 Gbps
VPN performance 230 Gbps
Maximum concurrent 338 million sessions
PoE+ Ports 11 IOC slots



Cutting-Edge Defense Against Evolving Threats

Experience proactive defense with Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP), an arsenal featuring advanced tools like malware sandboxing, threat intelligence feeds, and Encrypted Traffic Insights, designed to uncover and neutralize concealed malware in SSL-encrypted traffic.

Next-Generation Firewall Mastery

Effectively identify and counter threats through the prowess of the software-driven Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). This suite includes robust features like Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), application security (AppSecure), user ID, role-based access controls, and content security incorporating network anti-virus, anti-spam, and advanced web filtering.

Express Path Optimization for Streamlined Performance

Enhance throughput and reduce latency with the revolutionary Express Path mechanism embedded in next-gen SRX line cards. By swiftly identifying and accelerating traffic flows exempt from deep packet inspection, it prioritizes active flows based on traffic type and required inspection levels.

Reliability at Carrier-Class Level

Ensure unparalleled reliability with redundant hardware, resilient network and system processes integrated into Junos OS software, guaranteeing an exceptional 99.9999% system availability.

Robust Routing Engine for Efficient Deployment

Deploy a consolidated routing and security infrastructure with the separation of data and control planes, facilitated by the robust Routing Engine.

Dynamic Secure Access with Juniper Secure Connect

Empower remote employees with dynamic, adaptive secure SSL-VPN access to both corporate and cloud resources through Juniper Secure Connect.

Automated Operations for Streamlined Management

Leverage on/off-box automation capabilities for the seamless configuration of network and security policies on SRX devices. This automation, combined with centralized network security management, simplifies IT operations across geographically dispersed locations.

Scalable Performance for Growing Needs

Experience near-linear scalability without performance degradation through Services Processing Cards (SPCs) and I/O cards (IOCs). The modular platform supports connectivity ranging from 1GbE to 100GbE, facilitated by the SRX’s custom 960-Gbps switch fabric.


The SRX5800 Services Gateway is purpose-built for large enterprise data centers, service provider infrastructure, and public sector networks. Integrating an 860-Gbps intrusion prevention system (IPS), application visibility and control, and content security features such as anti-virus, anti-spam, and advanced web filtering, it offers a comprehensive defense strategy. Advanced Threat Prevention provides robust defenses with dynamic malware detection, SecIntel threat feeds, Encrypted Traffic Insights, and Adaptive Threat Profiling.


vSRX Virtual Firewall Specifications

Junos OS Software version tested Junos OS 18.2R1-S2
Firewall performance (max) 1 Tbps
IPS performance 860 Gbps
VPN performance 230 Gbps
Maximum concurrent sessions 338 million
New Sessions/second
(sustained, TCP, 3-way)
7.5 million
Maximum security policies Unrestricted
Maximum security intelligence
data feed entries in firewall rules
Up to 1 million IP addresses; separate allocation
(capacity) for URLs
Total Onboard Ports 11 IOC slots (see IOC options)
MACsec-capable Ports N/A
PoE+ Ports N/A
Mini PIM Slots N/A


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