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Native 10GbE RJ‑45 and 25GbE Ports
Rich Automation Features
IP Fabric Architecture
Shared Buffers



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High-Performance Throughput

Delivering an impressive throughput of up to 2.56 Tbps, the QFX5120 Switches ensure seamless wire-speed switching, characterized by minimal latency and jitter, and comprehensive Layer 2 and Layer 3 performance.

Redundant Power and Cooling

Ensuring robust system reliability, these switches incorporate dual hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies, providing a resilient 1+1 redundancy. Additionally, the presence of five hot-swappable fan trays contributes to maintaining high system availability.

Advanced Capabilities in Junos OS

Equipped with advanced networking features embedded in the Junos OS, the QFX5120 Switches support protocols such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

Fabric Management

Leveraging Juniper’s Apstra solution, these switches provide complete Day 0/1/2 capabilities for IP/EVPN fabrics, offering sophisticated fabric management solutions.

Server and Network Virtualization

The QFX5120 Switches incorporate a software-programmable infrastructure, enabling efficient utilization of network resources and swift adaptation to changing operational needs.

Network Automation

Addressing the increasing complexity of modern networks, these switches support Python, Puppet, and Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), facilitating advanced network automation.

Flexible Deployment Options

Featuring EVPN/VXLAN Layer 2 and Layer 3 gateway support for both edge-routed and centrally-routed overlay data center deployments, the QFX5120 Switches offer versatile deployment options.


Designed for data centers and campus deployments, the QFX5120 Switches offer a fixed configuration of 1 U, supporting 1/10/25/40/100GbE. With the growing demand for higher network bandwidth per rack in cloud services, these switches strategically support dominant port speeds of 10GbE, 25GbE, and 100GbE.

Incorporating advanced features suitable for both traditional fabric designs with multichassis link aggregation (MC-LAG) and evolving SDN architectures with Ethernet VPN (EVPN)/Virtual Extensible (VXLAN) on IP fabric underlays, the QFX5120 Switches stand as a robust infrastructure foundation for evolving business and network requirements. Juniper’s Apstra solution further enhances these switches by providing a comprehensive fabric management solution, driven by intent-based automation for deployment and robust monitoring for assured operation.

The QFX5120 is ideal for data center and campus deployments and comes in four models:

  • QFX5120-48T: data center leaf or campus distribution switch with 48 x 1/10GbE RJ-45 and 6 x 40/100GbE ports
  • QFX5120-48Y: data center leaf or campus distribution switch with 48 x 1/10/25GbE and 8 x 40/100GbE ports
  • QFX5120-48YM: data center leaf or campus distribution switch with 48 x 1/10/25GbE and 8 x 40/100GbE ports, and MACsec with AES-256 encryption across all ports
  • QFX5120-32C: compact data center leaf/spine or campus distribution/core switch with 32 x 100GbE ports


QFX5120 Specifications

Form Factor QFX5120-48Y: Fixed 1 U access/leaf

QFX5120-48T: Fixed 1 U access/leaf

QFX5120-32C: Fixed 1 U spine/access/leaf

Dimensions (W x H x D) QFX5120-48Y: 17.36 x 1.72 x 20.48 in (4.37 x 44.09 x 52.02 cm)

QFX5120-48T: 17.36 x 1.72 x 20.48 in (4.37 x 44.09 x 52.02 cm)

QFX5120-32C: 1.7 x 17.26 x 20.27 in (4.32 x 43.84 x 51.5 cm)

Switching capacity QFX5120-48Y: 2 Tbps/1.31 Bpps

QFX5120-48T: 1.08 Tbps/1001.7 Mpps

QFX5120-32C: 3.2 Tbps/2 Bpps

Port densities
48 x 1/10/25GbE
8 x 40/100GbE
48 x 1/10GbE RJ-45
6 x 40/100GbE
32 x 40/100GbE
Power consumption QFX5120-48Y:
Max load: 450W
Typical load: 260W
Max load: 450W
Typical load: 300W
Max load: 515W
Typical load: 380W
Buffer capacity 32MB
MAC addresses 288,000
IPv4 unicast/multicast routes 351,000/104,000
IPv6 unicast/multicast routes 168,000/52,000
Number of VLANs 4,093
ARP entries 64,000
Latency 550 ns
Overlay Management and Protocols Contrail Networking, VXLAN OVSDB, EVPN-VXLAN


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