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Secure harsh industrial environments

The PA-220R is a ruggedized ML-Powered NGFW that brings robust security to harsh environments. Typical uses are utility substations, power plants, manufacturing plants, oil and gas facilities and building management.


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Introducing the PA-220R, a ruggedized ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) designed to deliver robust security in challenging environments. Tailored for utility substations, power plants, manufacturing plants, oil and gas facilities, and building management, the PA-220R ensures comprehensive protection for critical infrastructure.

Safeguard Every Aspect: The PA-220/PA-220R ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall appliance goes beyond size, offering an App-ID throughput of 580 Mbps. Despite its compact form, this appliance plays a crucial role in fortifying your network by preventing a wide array of cyber threats, all while facilitating secure SD-WAN implementations.

Industrial Strength Security: Specifically engineered for industrial applications in harsh conditions, the PA-220R ruggedized appliance brings next-generation capabilities to the forefront. Elevate your security posture even in the smallest corners of your business with this resilient and adaptive cybersecurity solution.


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