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Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies stands as a forward-thinking and disruptive force in the industry, consistently placing value at the core of every decision. Boasting a global community of dedicated customers, Dell has earned unwavering loyalty by delivering exceptional value that keeps users coming back. Teaming up with DS Total Solutions, Dell extends its value-driven proposition, coupling it with innovative designs aimed at extracting optimal performance for every invested dollar and every watt of power.

What Sets Dell Technologies Apart?

Dell’s ethos revolves around providing unmatched value. If you’re in search of the best value server, Dell PowerEdge is likely your top choice—or perhaps it already is. Dell goes above and beyond by offering support for PowerEdge servers for up to an impressive 7 years, a feature that sets it apart in the industry. Moreover, Dell provides the convenience of having your PowerEdge server pre-deployed with Nutanix or vSAN, ready for a 0-day deployment into your existing infrastructure. Integrate PowerStore into the equation, and you gain a comprehensive toolkit to empower a robust, cost-conscious IT environment.
This strategic collaboration between Dell and DS Total Solutions reflects a commitment to delivering not just products but transformative solutions that align with the evolving needs of businesses.